Hi! I’m Julia Soukup, aka Julia, Julie, Jules. Thanks for stopping by. If you like what I have to say, please leave a comment. Negativity will not be tolerated. I am trying to live a positive life in a negative world.. at least these days are a bit hard.

I am a website designer, online shop owner, graphic designer. I am a singer/songwriter… or I used to be. I want to do that again… I still want to do SO MUCH! I guess a person can talk big (about changing and focusing on ONE thing) but it’s hard to change our spots my friends. It is called human nature and we all have our own flavor of that! The best advise, is just BE YOU! And the people that appreciate that are the ones you need in your life. I hope you find them!

I love Dalmatians. They have been the love of my life, barring not finding a real love of my life, or at least one that lasted for more than a few years. I am not drama. I won’t tolerate being treated badly, but on the flip side, I don’t believe in treating anyone else badly either. Why can’t people in relationships just be honest and no games? No manipulation… just you be you and I’ll just be me… and if we get along, GREAT! Seems so simple but it is not. Guys won’t admit it but they like to be manipulated and they don’t even know it. There are some really slick women out there and I am always shocked who is with who… and how all that works. But apparently I am not good at that game, because I don’t like to play games. LOVE is serious and respectful and we are blessed if we honestly are in love or have someone in love with us. It is a PRIVILEDGE… not a game. You just don’t play with people’s hearts. It is not a war with men against women and visa versa… we are all just people. Anyway, being a straight shooter doesn’t work well for me but that is WHO I AM. I don’t know how to be anyone else. And that is OKAY… We all just need to find the person who appreciates you for you! Good luck with that!

I hope you enjoy my blog… for what that is worth. And you know what… I think it is worth something!

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